Facial Filler Treatment - Powered by Restylane


Our skin is remarkable, protecting our bodies from the outside world and repairing itself every day, regenerating regularly. However, with age, lifestyle and environmental factors – like sun damage and smoking – impact the condition of our skin.

The Restylane portfolio of dermal fillers and Restylane Skinboosters are designed to help restore, enhance and refresh your skin by filling lines and wrinkles, adding volume, pronouncing bony structures, and correcting folds.

Who is it for?

  • Loss of fullness/volume

  • Loss of moisture

  • Weakened structural support
  • Loss of elasticity
  • For enhancing cheek volume, jawline definition, lip volume and lip definition.

What are the results?

  • Re-create, restore and support the foundations of facial bony structures,
  • Rejuvenate one’s appearance by blending the different regions on the face due to different rates of fat pads shrinkage,
  • Reduce superficial fine lines & prevent lines getting deeper and
  • Transform the face by enhancing the volume and contour of  facial features such as lips, nose, chin and make the result look as natural as possible.

Recommended Sessions

Everyone’s needs are different. Your healthcare professional will recommend the right treatment plan for you to maintain your desired look.

How does it work?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar that keeps our skin hydrated and creates volume through its ability to bind water molecules. The Restylane range of products is designed to act like your body’s own naturally produced hyaluronic acid.

However, as we age, our bodies make less hyaluronic acid. Our skin begins to sag and look thinner, losing its radiance and youthful appearance. Injecting hyaluronic acid can help reduce the visible signs of aging.

The Restylane range utilizes two technologies to stabilize hyaluronic acid into a gel form. When injected, it adds volume to smooth wrinkles and enhance facial balance where needed.


Please contact us if you are interested in this treatment.

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