Our Mission

Just like you, there's much more to skin than meets the eye. Found within just a few millimeters, are multiple layers where complex biological processes occur due to a myriad of intrinsic and extrinsic factors. And to make it even more confusing, these factors are constantly evolving. 

For years, the only place to go to properly address the changes in your skin was a Dermatologist's office. In reality, where most of us end up is usually the most convenient amidst our busy schedules; a drug store, beauty chain store, social media account or a natural health store - to name a few.

Yet, our skin pays the price. 

Today even though our treatment options are more than ever before, skin disease continues to grow, collectively exceeding conditions such as obesity, hypertension, and cancer. Although most skin conditions are not life threatening, many pose significant burdens on quality of life, productivity, and mental health.

Dermatologie strives to help ease this burden by serving modern-world dermatology needs through an integrative skin care store and medical spa concept that is the first of its kind to combine home care, aesthetic treatments, and nutritional interventions to achieve healthy, radiant skin. Coexisting symbiotically, each facet of the brand is supported by what truly distinguishes us: our 'Derma-Touch' approach.

With Derma-Touch we bring the skin specialist to you: the unmatched dermatologist-training of our skin consultants, combined with evidence-based skin solutions that are both extremely accessible, provides a complete skin-centric resource that goes far beyond product, price, and science. It’s a total experience that sets a new standard for what the term skin-care actually means.

Person by person, community by community, our Derm-Touch innovations will help healthy skin spread.